Review CoCo Libre Organic Coconut Water

The product belongs to Maverick brands. They are keen in developing organic beverages and 100% natural foods to benefit the people. Their trademark is coconut water that relishes people’s lives and are more into developing it for the better every day.

Company claims that they work only with organic coconuts and make sure they give their 100% to ensure it is completely natural and refreshing. They also experiment with coconut water producing so many flavors. They import coconuts grown from the south pacific region to deliver class and consistent organic coconut water to their people. 

Key specs of CoCo Libre Organic Coconut Water

Some key specifications and features of CoCo Libre Organic Coconut Water (based on company claims):

100% organic: The coconut water is taken from organically grown coconuts which are handpicked and carefully chosen to take this coconut water. The organically grown coconuts go through a process of organic farming methods which does not use any pesticides in the growth process and also goes through natural process of extraction of the coconut water.

Natural source: Coconut is a natural source of energy and consists of mono and poly unsaturated fatty acids which help in digestion and proper metabolic activities in the body.

Non GMO: This product is non GMO which means that it does not use any genetically modified coconuts for extracting the coconut water. Coconuts used were not prepared by genetic mutations or modifications and were obtained in their natural form.

Rich in potassium: potassium is good for the heart and can regulate the circulatory system. It is also very good for the skin and hair.

Low in calories: the coconut water has lesser calories accounting only up to 60. So it can be consumed even after work outs like gym activities or athletics and would not contribute to the calories.

No added sugar: makes it available even for people with diabetes and can help them in case of immediate hydration and energy Coconut water product reviewsboosting.    

No preservatives: The coconut water is devoid of preservatives and is in its natural form.

No fat or cholesterol: The coconut water does not contain any fat or even trans fat. This in turn reduces the LDL levels and prevents the risks of heart attacks and coronary heart diseases and atherosclerosis.

Other features:

  • Available in different flavors like pineapple, vanilla, chocolate and almond. 
  • Fair trade certified
  • Available in 330ml and 1 liter tetra packs.

How to use CoCo Libre Organic Coconut Water 

Many people use this coconut water as an alternate for hydration apart from water. This coconut water consists of lots of essential electrolytes which can promote instant energy and hence also used by athletes and people who work out excessively. It is also used by common people for their everyday drink and also by kids for just refreshing themselves after a play. It is also used while cooking or for making desserts and cocktails.

Customer reviews of CoCo Libre Organic Coconut Water

The product has mostly average postive feedback from its buyers. We have analysed several comments and have presented their gist here:

What customers like about the product

  • Buyers have mentioned that the product is refreshing and was great to use.
  • Few of the buyers said that it is highly rich in potassium and is an instant energy booster so they were in total love with it.
  • Customers were also satisfied with the packing and sealing and they were also good with the delivery.
  • Customers had mentioned that they felt the price of the product was decent.

Product limitations / issues

One of the key concerns buyers have raised is that the product may not be organic and also it may have additives etc. (which the company claims is not the case.). This is what buyers have mentioned about these issues:

  • A few customers mentioned that it had a concentrated flavoring and was tasting abruptly bad and they were totally disappointed with it.
  • A few customers mentioned that it has disingenuous labeling and false marketing and they had used artificial sweetening agents and concentrated flavoring for the product.
  • Few customers mentioned that it was over sweet and they were sure some sweetening agents were added but in the ingredients it was mentioned that No sugar was added and hence they were shocked by their false marketing.

​Some customers said they experience tummy trouble and they had issues with regard to digestion for a couple of weeks.

Our recommendation

While the specification of the product are good the product has just received average reviews from online buyers. We believe there are better establsihed brands in the market with much better reviews. We personally recommend Vita coconut water, you can read its reviews here.

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