Coconut oil as Energy Booster

When I was a child, I always used to wonder how do our body gets energy? Obviously, I now know we get it from food we eat, but how? We take multiple types of foods containing proteins carbohydrates, fats etc. All these are energy providers to our body. Energy provided by fat per unit is higher than by carbohydrate and proteins. Thus, it is essential to include some fats in our diets. But fats also lead to several issues – weight gain, cholesterol, heart issues etc. Thus while taking fat is good, one should know which one.

Coconut oil, as already mentioned in one of my previous post, consists mainly medium chained fatty acids (MCFAs). One awesome property of these MCFAs is that they get easily absorbed when the travel from stomach to intestinal tract. These are absorbed and rather than mixing in the blood stream, are transferred to liver and converted into energy. This is the reason why intake of coconut oil can boost energy levels of our body.

Now we may think, if MCFAs can do it why not other fats, say long chain fatty acids? This is because the digestion process is different. Long chain fatty acids when broken down, they are absorbed by the intestine and packed into little bundles of fat + proteins (called lipoproteins). These are then funnelled into the blood stream to circulate into blood. Thus there is no instant conversion into energy which takes place in this case. In fact these fats are primary reason we gain weight and heart issues.

Who can use coconut oil for energy

Coming back to coconut oil. So how can one use this amazing oil and its energy, simple – we replace other artificial energy products we use by healthy coconut oil. So who all can use coconut oil for energy almost everyone:

  • Sports person can use coconut oil to get that extra energy they need to enhance performance and endurance.
  • People with busy lives and unhealthy lifestyle who always feel exhausted because of mental and physical stress. If you feel fatigue very often, try coconut oil – this should for sure help you keep up with your fast paced life
  • Elderly who are advised to restrain their food intake due to age factors, for them coconut can be just amazing. As it can be digested very easily it puts no strain on the body and provides the much needed energy to live a great life !
  • People working for long hours with lot of attention. Coconut oil can help here too. It can easily replace your coffee (caffeine in coffee makes one attentive) and give same results

How to take coconut oil for energy boost

Well there are so many ways to include coconut oil in your diet, few are mentioned here. I have personally tried all of them and they work equally well:

  • Directly taking a few table spoons of coconut oil on a daily basis. You may not want to take it just before sleeping as it can cause sleeplessness (it has same effect as coffee remember? )
  • Cooking using coconut oil (use in curries, salads, etc.)
  • Eating raw coconut – if you get a fresh one go for it. Remember we are talking about mature coconut here (brown in color and hard shell).
  • Taking coconut milk
  • Coconut milk products (smoothies, etc.)
  • Coconut meat products

Based on your preference you can take coconut oil in any of the above forms. Coconut milk and meat both have coconut oil, so they can also be taken instead of coconut oil directly.

My personal favourite is eating raw coconut meat – I just love its taste. The only issue in this is you might have to eat a decent quantity to get the same effect you can get by 2 spoons of oil. If you can take coconut oil directly, nothing like it!

So next time you feel tired, rather than taking coffee or energy drink try coconut oil. I am very sure, you would like it.

Request: If you have tried coconut oil and felt a difference do write to me and I would include your note on the website for benefit of other readers.

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