4 Benefits of Using Coconut Oil Over Refined Oil For Cooking


‘FAT’ has been considered as an enemy whenever Healthy eating or Health comes into the picture. A ‘Low-Fat’ diet is what most people resort to when they start ‘Dieting.’ There is compelling evidence that implicates the ill effects of a high-fat diet on health, and there is no denying that. Despite all the shaming dietary fats have received in the past it cannot be ignored that they’re still an essential […]

4 Benefits of Coconut Oil in Menopause

coconut oil benefits in Menopause

Menopause is the condition where a woman’s menstrual cycle ceases after reaching a certain age, usually after 45 years. Sometimes it can be much earlier (in the 30s) or much later (in the 60s). Menopause occurs when there is an absence of periods for one year. It happens as a result of non-functioning of the ovaries, i.e. when the ovaries can no longer produce the female hormones, estrogen, and progesterone. […]

6 Benefits Of Coconut Oil In Osteoporosis

Benefits Of Coconut Oil In Osteoporosis

Old age comes with health problems due to various reasons. Osteoporosis is one such health condition caused by a significant decrease in the bone density among the elderly. This makes the bones fragile and increases their susceptibility to fractures. This condition is more likely to affect women than men, mainly after menopause. Osteoporosis commonly affects bones of the hip, spine, knee, ribs, and wrists. These bones have high chances of […]