Quinoa Benefits for Thyroid Diso​rders

Quinoa originated in the Andes Mountain regions of Peru, Bolivia and Chile more than 5000 years ago. This staple food of Inca warriors has found its way into modern civilization due to its high nutritional value. The most common types of quinoa found around the world are the traditional white quinoa and the Inca red quinoa, although select farmers markets and online catalogues have black quinoa. This versatile grain can […]

Quinoa for Digestive Disorders

Quinoa is a food grain that is actually the seed of the quinoa plant. It resembles millet and has been dubbed as ‘gold of the Incas’ for it has been eaten by South Americans for thousands of years. Before it made its entrance into North America and Europe, quinoa was cultivated mostly in the mountainous Andes regions of Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and Chile. The quinoa seed has a hard protective […]

What is Quinoa

Quinoa (pronounced ‘keen-wah’) is a seed / grain that originated in ancient Peru. Quinoa is rich in proteins and contains all possible amino acids. Quinoa resembles couscous, can be used like rice in the varied dishes. It tastes richer than both rice and couscous and can be eaten during all meals. Quinoa has a nutty, rich flavor and comes with a hard shell that is bitter. This prevents birds from […]