What is White Quinoa and its Benefits?

There are around 120 species of quinoa plants and over 1800 varieties available around the world. Quinoa originated in the mountains of the Andes over 5000 years ago, especially in Peru, Bolivia and Chile. It grows in even harsh and arid conditions unsuited to most crops. Quinoa is often classified based on the color and the most common variety is the ivory or white quinoa.   The color of quinoa […]

Quinoa for Bodybuilding

Quinoa is a seed but for nutrition purposes it is considered a whole grain. It can be used to prepare dishes similar to rice or barley. It takes lesser time to cook than other whole grains. Quinoa can be eaten plain with just a dash of spices or mixed with meat, vegetables, fruits, sweets or other spices to make an array of dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner or in-between snacks. […]

Is Quinoa Good in Diabetes?

Quinoa is a food grain which has been used for several centuries by South Americans, especially those who live in the mountainous Andean regions of Peru, Chile, Ecuador and Bolivia. This ‘mother grain’ as the Incans call it is now being cultivated and cooked in many regions of North America, Europe, Australia and other countries. Quinoa is highly nutritious and its nutritional quality is comparable to dried whole milk by […]