Manuka Honey

Manuka Honey vs. Buckwheat Honey: Which Should You Choose?

manuka honey vs. buckwheat honey

We have always heard about the benefits of honey in weight loss, cough, bacterial infections, etc. But have we ever heard about a honey that helps in the healing of wounds? Yes, it is true! It is not just topical creams and leaving the wound open to air that hasten its healing process. New studies have investigated, as we will go through in this article, the importance of honey in […]

4 Benefits Of Manuka Honey In Shingles

manuka honey for shingles

Shingles is the medical condition in which painful rashes and blisters began to develop on the skin. Rashes appear like bands on one side of the body. Elderly people are more prone to these diseases. It is caused by the same virus varicella zoster responsible for chicken pox also. People who had chicken pox earlier in life are more at risk of developing shingles. Because the chicken pox virus remains […]

Manuka Honey vs. Kanuka Honey: What Is The Difference?

Same thing, different names. For those unaware of what they are, Manuka and Kanuka are names of honey. They are different types of honey. With the advancement in research, innovation and technology, the existence of these two types of honey was brought into the eyes of the world as they had tremendous advantages. With increasing awareness, there are people who choose organic cures of various ailments over drugs. As times […]