Maca Dosage For Men

Maca plant also known as Peruvian ginseng grows extensively at high altitudes of Andes Mountains, Peru. It is being cultivated by Peruvians for the past 3000 years. It can resist worse climatic conditions such as violent winds and poor oxygen availability that exist at high altitudes. Root of maca plant that resembles turnip is used as a root vegetable by Peruvians. They also use the root to feed livestock. Maca […]

Know How to Use Maca Root

Maca that belongs to the cruciferous family is botanically named as Lepidium Meyenii by Gerard Walper in 1843. It is native to Andes Mountains of Peru and is being cultivated there for nearly 2,600 years. It grows at very high altitudes where the climate is very cold and the soil has very low oxygen content. In the past warriors of Peru used maca root to improve their strength and endurance. […]

4 Ways Maca Helps in Weight Loss + Dosage and Precautions

4 Ways Maca Helps in Weight Loss

The excessive accumulation of fats in the body impairs health and lead to a condition known as ‘Obesity.’ Overweight and obese, often misunderstood as being same, are two different terms which can be defined by Body Mass Index (BMI). Body Mass Index is a weight to height ratio measuring system defined regarding kilograms per meter squared (kg/m2). A person with Body Mass Index between 18 to 25 kg/m2 is considered […]