How is Kelp Different from Seaweed?

difference between kellp and seaweeds

Here we discuss how Kelp is different from Seaweed General differences Classification: Kelp is often classified as a type of seaweed. However, there are inherent differences between the two – in their appearance, in the number of species and their various uses. Kelp is comes under the Laminaria classification and is part of the brown algae family. There are 300 known varieties of kelp. Sometimes they grow very densely in […]

Why Organic Kelp is Great for Health

organic kelp

Kelp is used as a dietary supplement or is added to foods. Kelp is a type of seaweed that belongs to the brown algae family. It is organic since it is grown without the use of artificial chemicals or fertilizers. Organic kelp contains fat reducing agents and hence it can be used to fight obesity. The dense iodine content in organic kelp can be used to treat thyroid problems like […]

Kelp vs Spinach – Which is Better?

Following a healthy diet is very important to stave off diseases. Foods with high levels of critical nutrients provide us with the best chance of living healthy. Kelp One such food is kelp which belongs to the brown algae family and grows in oceans around the world. Kelp is considered a superfood for it has over 70 nutrients – zinc, manganese, copper, potassium and iron.   It is the best […]