Review CoCo Libre Organic Coconut Water

Coconut water product reviews

The product belongs to Maverick brands. They are keen in developing organic beverages and 100% natural foods to benefit the people. Their trademark is coconut water that relishes people’s lives and are more into developing it for the better every day. Company claims that they work only with organic coconuts and make sure they give their 100% to ensure it is completely natural and refreshing. They also experiment with coconut water […]

Why Coconut Oil is Your Friend in Weight Loss Efforts

coconut oil for weight loss

Back in 1980s, it was a time when we weren’t even aware of the word “calorie” because we were so happily adapted to our natural environment; we never felt the need to opt for unhealthy, the so called ‘tasty’ junk food. And now is the time, the 21st century, where you can spot at least 10 stalls on the street in one glance selling junk food. N ot so proud […]

Coconut Oil for Alzheimer’s

coconut oil and Alzheimers

Alzheimer’s disease is a disease in which your brain is starving and the brain cells start to die. It is characterized by deterioration of the functions of brain cells and their skill to perform. The point of origin of the trouble is unknown. Eventually the person starts to present with symptoms like memory loss. Memory doesn't always have to work perfectly. We are mortals and it is natural for us to […]