6 Reasons Why Cinnamon is Great for Your Sugar Cravings

6 reasons why cinnamon helps in sugar cravings1

I am sure there are times when you just want to eat something sweet, be it a chocolate, sweet, or whatever. So, let’s start with what sugar cravings are. ‘Sweet is the first taste which humans prefer from birth’ says Dr. Christine Gerbstadt of the American Diabetic Association. This statement seems to explain our hardwired desire to consume high amounts of sweet, sugary foods which is characteristic of sugar cravings. […]

Cassia Cinnamon v/s Ceylon Cinnamon: The Truth Revealed

Cassia Cinnamon vs Ceylon Cinnamon1

Cinnamon is a very popular spice, harvested from the bark of evergreen trees, which is used all over the world since centuries. In addition to being a condiment, it has also proven beneficial in treating various disorders through its numerous medicinal properties. More than a dozen trees are grouped under the name ‘Cinnamon’ and all are grown commercially for spices. Cassia cinnamon The Cassia cinnamon plant grows up to 10-15 m […]