Bee Pollen

Is Bee Pollen Safe for Children

Pollen is got from plants. Honeybees collect them involuntarily as they fly among flowers collecting honey and bring it back to their hives. This bee pollen is packed into tiny dust pellets held together by bee saliva and plant nectar. Once the health benefits of bee pollen was discovered, beekeepers started setting traps at the foot of the hives and the bee pollen was gathered in trays. This bee pollen […]

Nutritional Analysis of Bee Pollen

Pollen is the male gametes of flowers found in the stamen and which is used to propagate new plants. When honeybees gather honey, they go from flower to flower. During their journey, they walk all over the flower and the pollen gets stuck to their hairy legs. The pollen forms into tiny pellets held together by plant nectar and enzymes secreted by the bees. This is called bee pollen and […]

Bee Pollen and Prostate

The prostate is a male reproductive gland. It is located in the urethra below the bladder. The prostate produces a fluid which makes up a part of semen. There are different conditions of the prostate that men can suffer from. When the prostate gland gets inflamed, it is called prostatits. This condition is painful and causes urinating problems, pain in the abdomen, lower back, testicles or penis. There are four […]