Argan Oil

12 Proven Benefits of Argan Oil For Heart Health

The term ‘heart disease’ is used to broadly define a group of medical conditions pertaining to the functioning of the heart and blood vessels. This includes disorders such as coronary heart disease, heart beat abnormalities (arrhythmias) and several other ailments of the circulatory system. Most cardiovascular diseases are formed as a result of plaque formation. Plaque is a combination of substances such as fat, wax and cholesterol. This accumulates along […]

7 Benefits Of Argan Oil In Cancer

The term cancer broadly defines a group of related disorders. In this condition the body cells divide unproliferatively and spread to the surrounding tissues. The site at which it may begin can be at any of the trillions of cells within the human body and can damage organs depending on its extent. Under normal conditions cell division and multiplication takes place in a highly systematic manner. However, in case of […]

Review – Agadir Argan Oil Spray Treatment

agadir argan oil spray treatment review

Agadir is a fifty-year old company that was founded by the Bogosian brothers – Paul and Archie in the early 1960s. They realized that the hair care product that they were using as hairdressers did not suit the expectations of their clients. Since then the company has manufactured and sold successful hair care products of salon quality – from conditioners and masques to shampoos and treatments. Key Specifications of Agadir […]