Aloe Vera

Research Says – Aloe Vera Extracts can Prevent Colon Cancer

Research Says – Aloe Vera Extracts can Prevent Colon Cancer

Aloe vera is known for centuries for its medicinal use. It is a short plant with thorny leaf with a bitter taste. The leaves are filled with the jelly-like translucent liquid which bears the magical properties of healing. Aloe has approximately 420 species, spread all over the world has its geographical origin in Sudan. It was exploited by almost all the civilizations- Egyptians, Assyrians, Mediterranean, Mesopotamian, and Chinese. It is […]

Aloe Vera And Myrrh Treat Oral Ulcers In 7 Days

aloe vera and myrrh treat oral ulcers

Oral ulcer or recurrent aphthous stomatitis or canker sores is the most common mouth disease. In this disorder, ulcer starts forming on the lips, tongue, inside the cheeks or at the base of gums. This will lead to the burning sensation and pain that will make difficultly for eating and speech. Even healthy individuals can easily captured by this disorder . The exact reason for this disease is yet not […]

Aloe Vera Reduces Symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome In 8 Weeks

aloe vera benefits in metabolic syndrome

For all those wondering about what exactly do the words “metabolic syndrome” in the title of this article mean, they represent a group of conditions such as high blood pressure and blood sugar, high levels of fat (especially around the waist) and abnormal levels of cholesterol. These conditions raise the chances of developing heart diseases such as diabetes and stroke. Many a times, obesity and smoking are a major cause […]