Wheatgrass Powder or Juice – Which one is Better?

The scientific name for wheatgrass is Triticum aestivum and it is also commonly called couchgrass.

Wheatgrass contains high levels of chlorophyll, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

It is generally safe to consume unless one suffers from celiac disease, gluten intolerance or grass allergies.

There is a possibility of bacteria and mold contamination since it is consumed raw.

Wheatgrass Juice : Wheatgrass juice is got from ground fresh grass. This grass can be purchased from natural food stores or grown in trays indoors.

The grass has to be harvested at the right time (within 10 days of planting) to make juice. In its raw form, wheatgrass is tough to digest because of the high fiber content and strong taste.

Hence, wheatgrass juice is normally mixed with water, fruit juices, tea or smoothies to make it more palatable. Wheatgrass juice must be consumed fresh for it deteriorates very soon and loses its potency.

There are special wheatgrass juicers available that can be used to extract juice from the fresh plant.

Wheatgrass Powder : The other way of using wheatgrass is to buy wheatgrass powder. Dried and dehydrated grass is made into tablets that can be swallowed or made into powder that can be mixed in drinks or added to food.

Wheatgrass Juice vs. Powder

There are many debates on whether wheatgrass juice or wheatgrass powder is beneficial. Let us see which one is indeed better.

Wheatgrass helps to build blood since the high quantities of chlorophyll (70% of total content) mimics that of blood hemoglobin.

The difference is that hemoglobin contains iron and chlorophyll contains magnesium. The presence of chlorophyll means that wheatgrass can help build RBC, destroy carbon dioxide, dilate blood vessels and improve blood flow and improve enzyme system functioning and promote higher metabolism.

Wheatgrass improves energy and alkalizes blood.wheatgrass powder or juice which is better

The high amino acid content means that wheatgrass benefits bodybuilders and athletes who incorporate fresh juice or powdered wheatgrass in their daily diet. Wheatgrass is a complete protein.

It is also high in saponin that supports the lymphatic system. The immune system also gets a boost from wheatgrass and it helps fight various common infections.

Incorporating wheatgrass into your daily diet can provide these and other health benefits.

You can buy either fresh grown grass, buy a wheatgrass kit, grow, harvest your own juice or buy organic wheatgrass supplements. Both juices and powders have their own pros and cons.

Some people even state that there is a difference between ‘tray-grown’ and naturally grown wheatgrass. The former is said to contain less nutritional value since it is grown in artificial condition.

The latter if cultivated organically and harvested before the jointing stage is said to contain maximum nutritional value. Naturally grown wheatgrass is then dehydrated at the right temperature that preserves nutrients and enzymes then compressed into pellets and made into powder or tablets.

It is also stated that wheatgrass powder is superior since there is more concentrated nutritional value compared to wheatgrass juice that contains 95% water.

Others claim that wheatgrass juice that is grown on trays can provide the body with more enzymes that powdered wheatgrass. Both juices and powders cleanse the digestive system and the blood, help with weight loss and improve immune system performance.

Chlorophyll : The chlorophyll content in juice made from organic wheatgrass that is freshly harvested is higher (54mg / serving) against ‘tray-grown’ wheatgrass juice that has just 8mg per serving. Wheatgrass powder contains 18mg chlorophyll.

Protein : As far as protein content is concerned, organic grown wheatgrass has 2.5g against tray-grown wheatgrass juice that has 550mg per serving and wheatgrass powder that has 1g. As far as vitamins are concerned, organic freshly harvested wheatgrass has 24mg vitamin C, while tray-grown juice has 1mg and wheatgrass powder has 7-8mg.

From this we see that while both wheatgrass juice and powder provide many benefits, the concentration of enzymes, chlorophyll, proteins and vitamins varies depending on whether you consume wheatgrass juice made from tray-grown grass or naturally harvested grass or if you take a wheatgrass powder.

The choice really depends on what benefits you are looking for, the amount of time you have and the expense.

Those who are busy may find it easier to use wheatgrass powder that can be quickly mixed in fruit juices. It can also be stored for longer time compared to wheatgrass juice.

But if you love fresh stuff, then wheatgrass juice is what you are looking for. It has a refreshing feeling which a dried powder cannot provide.


Wheatgrass proponents claim that since it is rich in nutrients, it provides many health benefits. It is claimed that fresh wheatgrass juice (140g) is equivalent in nutritional value to 3kg or more fresh vegetables.

So, consuming your daily requirement can heal the body of various illnesses, flush out toxins, boost immune system and even protect the body from harmful carcinogens.

However, there are is no solid scientific research to back which one – wheatgrass powder or fresh wheatgrass juice is better in terms of health benefits.

It seems that it is more about choice and convenience (powder for example is easy to store and lasts longer). Each manufacturer will claim that wheatgrass juice or powder contains greater concentrated nutrients and is better for health.

This depends on the products they make and market. There is also no evidence to state the either dried or fresh wheatgrass contains greater nutrients.

Consuming the right quantities of either wheatgrass juice or powder will provide health benefits. It can be mixed added to various juice, dessert or salad recipes to provide additional nutrition to your daily diet.

However, this must not replace a balanced and healthy diet. It should also not be the sole mode of treatment for any illness.

  • Lily

    wheatgrass is gluten free, it’s safe for people with celiacs. The gluten that affects people with celiacs or gluten intolerance is contained in the grain.

  • Jan kent

    I like to grow my own in compost that I have in my wormery but there are times in the bad weather ( I grow my wheatgrass outdoors ) I prefer to have the powdered form , Does anyone know which is best , wheatgrass or barley grass ?

  • Unbelieveable

    I use Wheatgrass Juice powder, not Wheatgrass Powder. It is 6 x times stronger and does not have the cellulose content of Wheatgrass Powder, as only the Juice is powdered, so it is very easy on the digestive system and absorbed more efficiently.

    • crystalluv

      I didn’t even know there was a difference. Awesome, thanks!

      • jordan higgins

        i would love to understand your opinion with regards to cold pressed verses the raw powered. i am thinking of getting in to the industry and wanted to see what the best option is.

        • crystalluv

          You know, my guess would be cold pressed because it may retain more of the nutrients? But it’s just a guess lol. I googled it briefly but didn’t get an answer. Maybe “Unbelievable” has some insight. He seems pretty knowledgeable. Sounds like a good industry to get involved in right now. Good luck with things 🙂

          • wow

            he is actually spreading misinformation.

          • bill

            Oh wow uni-WOW, so like you would know that FOR SURE because you just happened to stumble on a website that held a different view? Which may or may not actually be true. .. I suspect it might be myself. … but the source of that info was itself a commercial site selling product and, true or not, said info was self serving (as you know since its the website from which you cut’n’pasted/’researched’/PLAGIARIZED the bulk of your original snivelly little response to ‘unbelievable’ above). … remember uni-WOW. .. “think before … blah blah blah” … you know … 😉

          • wow

            Why would i waste my time looking for and copying studies from pubmed when someone worded it perfectly already. You stupid americans think everything is about views. No, its about science and that is the correct science.
            Do you know only 40% of the US believe in evolution?
            Dont talk to me about views present real science.

          • bill

            aw uni-boy. .. you just don’t strike me as the kind of person capable of holding an actual human conversation .. such a nasty little attitude. .. ew.
            … as far as that 40% figure goes I’m actually surprised and wonder if it’s true. If so there just might be hope for this country yet. “Oh Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called” 1 Tim 6:20
            Ok. .. I challenge you. .. science you want? Science you’ll get. Find Walter Veith on the Amazing Discoveries site. PhD zoologist, EX-(true believer) evolutionist/atheist turned 7th Day Adventist/creationist on the pure strength of true science and utter rot of evolutionary “science” (so called). Please don’t take my word for it you can stream his Genesis Conflict there …. free …. along with all his other work. Go there click on ‘watch’ > ‘ADtv’ > creation/evolution > Genesis Conflict. May God bless and comfort you as you discover the truth that will most assuredly set you free. Don’t forget. .. I CHALLENGE you. … science you want science you’ll get.

          • bill

            Also btw. In Veith’s “Total Onslaught” series that *completely* (200 hours) unpacks prophetic books of daniel/revelation cross referenced with the whole spectrum of secular world history he includes a separate video on his personal testimony that covers his transition from rising star tenure trac evolutionist at a major evolution centered university to biblical 6 literal 24hr day creationist. Fascinating story. .. the man is a gifted teacher and presenter, very sharp guy with an equally sharp wit.

          • bill

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          • wow

            Bunch of jibberish from a bible thumper. Must be american. Maybe even a stupider southern american?
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          • bill

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          • wow

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          • bill

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            “Oh taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him”
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            Take care

          • wow


          • bill

            and you owe unbelievable an apology for being so mean to her. .. what makes YOU… ‘so special’?

          • Wam Bam

            “try to get a larger perspective than you have.”

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            The world is ever flowing, you cannot step into the same stream twice.

            Fear clings desperately.
            Faith lets go.

          • crystalluv

            Really? Okay, would you kindly elaborate? Thanks 🙂

          • wow

            Look at what i wrote on the other comment

          • bill

            Um. …. wrote? …. really? … not even quoted? … now now uni-boy cut’n’paste meister. … mighty loose with your ‘facts’ . . tsk tsk … what other deceptions are you capable of?

          • wow

            It was the right science. Why are you so special man?

          • bill

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          • wow

            When did i ever say anything about being the author? You are just incompetent.

    • jordan higgins

      Do you know a good company that manufactures both of these products ?

      Also, I made a comment below looking at the difference between cold press vs mixing with a powdered product. Would you have any insight into that ?


    • wow

      Don’t spread that garbage. You most likely didn’t even take science in uni and probably do crossfit.
      It is true that humans do not have a digestive tract designed to digest the cellulose itself, but our systems depend on the cellulose in plants to keep our colons functioning properly. If we lived on a diet of juices, our colons would shrink and probiotic bacteria would be replaced with the wrong kind of bacteria, and that would not be good. The vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, enzymes, etc. that are contained in vegetables are fully digestible when you eat whole food vegetables. In fact, cellulose in vegetables promotes the digestion of vegetable nutrients by slowing the transit time in the intestinal tract and providing the appropriate media for probiotic bacteria, the friendly bacteria that help digest our food.. There is nothing better for the colon than chlorophyll-rich roughage. It detoxifies and provides the perfect medium for probiotic bacteria that are essential for a healthy colon. Instead of impeding digestion, cellulose improves digestion.

      • Unbelieveable

        Being a wheelchair user I find crossfit is denied me. Also I’m she not he.

        • wow

          Dont spread garbage and do research. It annoys me when i read up on studies constantly in school then some psych/soc major reads their health advice from a bad source like its true.
          Research and think before you type.

          • bill

            Hey ‘uni’tar. … how’s it feel to be called out to be such a petty little bully plagiarist? Not to good I’m sure. Someone on here offered some good advise. … ‘think before you type’

          • bill

            Oops. … that would be uni’WOW’ ..my bad. .. 😉

    • bill

      Hey unbelievable. .. ask ‘uni’-boy if he graduated “uni” (doubt it) … but if so ask him if it was due to his finely honed skills at online plagiarism? Seriously! Check out myth#2 at the “Pines” wheatgrass website. He had to have literally cut’n’pasted everything on his snotty little response to your post beginning with his second paragraph. Check it out. ….. and what a petty little bullyboy. .. phew.