4 Benefits Of Manuka Honey In Inflammatory Bowel Disease


IBD is a collection of severe gastrointestinal symptoms like diarrhoea, abdominal pain and bleeding. The chronic conditions of IBD include two chronic inflammatory disease of gastrointestinal tract. Crohn’s disease (CD): it affects almost entire gastrointestinal tract from mouth to anus and entire thickness of gut wall. Ulcerative colitis (UC): it affects only the large intestinal region of gastrointestinal tracts and only innermost lining is affected. The major symptoms of the […]

4 Ways Manuka Honey Heals Wounds


Wound is defined as the damage of skin layers which leads to disruption in normal anatomical structure and function of body. Beyond skin wound can also be deeper reaching to internal tissue or even muscles and nerves and even bone. The damage of tissue results in physiological response from the body which leads to vessel contraction, bleeding and inflammation. Wounds can be classified as: Acute wounds- wounds that got repair […]

6 Benefits Of Manuka Honey In Oral Ulcers


Oral mucositis is a type of oral complication that occurs in patients undergoing anticancer therapies like chemotherapy, radiation therapy and stem cell transplant. It affects the patient’s quality of life. It arises due to inflammatory response of mucosal tissue to the toxic effect of chemicals and radiations. It is characterised by the development of lesions and ulcers in the mouth. Mucositis can also affect other areas of gut,then it is […]