Coconut Oil for Jock Itch

A few days ago, I along with my friends went for a one day trekking, it is Monsoon season here now, the weather was just amazing and it was drizzling almost all the time. We must have walked around 10-12 kms in total. I was just great.

I was dead tired when I came back and went to sleep, next day I was not able to walk properly, I had developed a bad rash in my inner thigh. The rash must have been caused because our clothes were all wet and we walked a lot in them. It was a reddish brown patch, when I touched I felt some pain. The rash was also scaly. I also noted that the region had some foul smell too. I did a brief search on internet and concluded it is a fungal infection, probably caused by fungus T rubrum it is commonly known as Jock itch.

What is Jock Itch ? Jock itch usually occurs in warm and moist environment in groin area. It is known to be triggered by prolonged wetness in the groin area, say due to sweat or otherwise. Ijock itch also read that this is not a serious infection and with due precautions – keeping area dry, wearing looses clothing, and anti-fungal creams this can be easily treated. But make suer you do not ignore the treatment – as then it can spread to large part of the body and even to another person because of infected clothes!

Coconut oil for Jock itch : I decided to experiment with the anti-fungal properties of coconut oil here. I did have an anti-fungal cream but I started using coconut oil instead. I applied it liberally in the morning, in first 2-3 hours itself I felt my skin was softer and the uneasiness while walking had decreased. It was not fully gone though. I applied coconut oil again in the evening and then before sleeping. Next morning was much better, I could almost walk normally ! One more day of application and I could see the red patch decrease to just half! with almost no discomfort feeling! Coconut oil had done its work!

When I was reading about Jock itch, I came to know that it can spread from one area to another nearby skin areas and thus I made sure I applied it to a large part to be on safer side.
In 3 days, the rash was almost gone, I stopped applying coconut oil after 4 days.

I thought I should share this with you as soon as possible. Next time when you get Jock itch, do not jump to your anti-fungal cream but to coconut oil. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

If you try this, do share your experiences with others here.

  • Pavan Pal

    Has it gone permanently?