• Ingredients in Argan Oil and their Benefits

    Ingredients in Argan Oil and their Benefits

    Argan Oil also known as Moroccan Argan Oil is harvested from the fruits of the Argania spinosa tree that grows well in semi-arid regions of North Africa – mainly Morocco. This oil has been used from ancient days for medicinal, cosmetic and culinary purposes. It has now become popular in the west mainly as a beauty product. The oil is extracted from the kernels of the fruit. While part of […]

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  • Argan Oil Benefits for Face

    Argan Oil Benefits for Face

    Argan oil is extracted from the kernels of the Argania spinosa tree that grows well in semi-arid conditions in parts of North Africa – especially Morocco. Cultivation and production of this oil in Morocco is so widespread that the oil is often referred to as ‘Moroccan Oil’. Production of argan oil is a complex process although part of it is mechanized. Each fruit contains 2-3 kernels from which argan oil […]

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  • Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair

    Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair

    Argania spinosa (argan) is a tree that grows in the semi-arid regions of North Africa – especially in south west Morocco – in the Sous valley. The tree has thorny, knotted trunks, small leaves and pale yellow-green flowers. Each argan tree can live for 150-200 years and grows up to 8-10 metres. The fruit of the argan tree contains 2-3 kernels rich in oil. Argan oil offers many benefits for […]

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  • What is Quinoa

    What is Quinoa

    Quinoa (pronounced ‘keen-wah’) is a seed / grain that originated in ancient Peru. Quinoa is rich in proteins and contains all possible amino acids. Quinoa resembles couscous, can be used like rice in the varied dishes. It tastes richer than both rice and couscous and can be eaten during all meals. Quinoa has a nutty, rich flavor and comes with a hard shell that is bitter. This prevents birds from […]

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  • Anti Ageing Benefits of Goji Berry

    Anti Ageing Benefits of Goji Berry

    Disorders suffered by older people are complications that arise from senescence or ‘biological aging’. These complications are different for different people. Aging disorders are also different from age-related disorders like chicken pox which affects mostly kids. and from genetic disorders such as accelerated aging diseases like Progeria. Some common age-related disorders that affect the elderly are cataracts and other eye disorders, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, cancer, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer’s disease. While […]

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Inflammation: 7 Disorders That Manuka Honey Helps


Inflammation can simply defined as the swelling of a wound. It occurs as an immune response by the body to a stimulus. It is an important aspect of the body’s response to any type of damage to tissues. Inflammation has some characteristic features, these include: Redness Swelling Pain Heat Loss of function (of the area affected by the inflammation) Some inflammation, however, do not show any of the above features […]

4 Ways Manuka Honey Protects Liver


Worldwide millions of people are affected with liver problems. In UK alone this number is 2 million. There are 100 of types of diseases pertaining to liver damage. Of these the most important ones are non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, hepatitis and liver cirrhosis. Added to these there are alcoholic fatty liver diseases. The initial symptoms of liver damage are jaundice with loss of appetite and weight loss. Of these diseases […]

4 Ways Manuka Honey Heals Acne


Acne is common skin condition that is portrayed by characteristic red pimples on the skin. Acne occurs mainly because of plugged/infected follicles and pores. Our skin contains small holes which are called as pores. These pores are connected to oil glands beneath them via a canal called “follicle”. The oil glands present beneath the pores secrete sebum (oily substance). After sebum gets produced in the oil glands, it travels to […]